The Waiting Game

So it is Tuesday morning…. I’ve been waiting a week to get the diagnosis… I find out tomorrow.  This is one of the tough parts of this journey.  The mind-game.  The fine balance between wanting to plan for what will happen next and not.

So, a good time for me to mention something that happens along the way.  New friends.

You find out that people you know have had breast cancer, and are a huge support, and you meet new friends….in the waiting rooms of the clinic, the surgical procedure, friends of friends.

I found a wonderful new friend while waiting for my wire localization/biopsy.  That morning as we sat in the waiting room, another couple sat across from us.  We didn’t get any time to chat before they brought us both in the rooms for our procedure, but our guys did, and through them, we emailed and then got together.  Warm, delightful, compassionate, and of course, traveling a similar path… they are a big  part in our lives now, and I hope for a very long time, in good health later.

Another helpful new friend – a kayaking acquaintance… pragmatic, knowledgable and compassionate.. already has had a mastectomy I found out.  And although she is helping her husband through a major health issue, takes the time to answer emails from me.  We talk about life ‘after’, and playing with Traditional kayaking skills in very low volume kayaks, throwing harpoons, and greenland paddles.  I want to celebrate life.

And my identical twin sister.  She sends beautiful little cards and gifts to lift my spirits. She will be getting a BRCA2 test tomorrow for us…to know our genetic predisposition.  I love her so much.

Today, we drive 4.5 hours in the rain to visit our new friends and talk and play and laugh.  Then tomorrow, she goes for her testing and I for my consultation and the news.  We would not have spent our days doing these things…she probably would have been playing tennis, and we would have been mountain biking or kayaking… but our lives have taken a quick turn, and you just deal and find the good things in it.  Our friendship is one of the very good things that have happened along the way… and if you can be grateful for any part of this hell, it is the little bits of heaven you find on the way.


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