Work in Progress

Waiting for the mastectomy at the end of the month, and trying to heal from the Sentinel Node Biopsy.  It seems this is more problematic than the breast biopsy… working on trying to regain range of motion (tearing scar tissue – often quite painful), and dealing with that huge lump under my arm where fluid has collected from the removal of 3 lymph nodes.

The surgeon thought it would reduce on its own without aspiration…. I’m not so sure…but I’ll continue to do what I can until I’m back in the OR.

People ask how I am… what can you say?  You’re about to lose a breast.  I reply I’ll be better soon.  Its strange.. they don’t know how to ask and I don’t know how to answer.  No one really wants to explore the depth of feeling one goes through in these cases.  But the intent of concern is there, and it is appreciated.

In the meantime, I kayak a little (no rolling for me yet), mountain bike a little (lower key), and go on hikes.  I exercise to bring up my stamina for the upcoming surgery/recovery.  And, most importantly, I try to enjoy each day, a gift.  I met my two sisters (by marriage) and laughed so much with them over drinks.  My husband and I tried various kayaks with two of the nicest people we just met, and now, I’ll see friends who I haven’t seen in years.  This is all good stuff.

I am work in progress.  Usually I’ll say that from a personal/spiritual standpoint…but now it has more meaning.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mark
    Sep 16, 2011 @ 00:26:31

    The rolling will come soon.


  2. Helene Jeanette
    Sep 11, 2011 @ 23:02:30

    The Tao is always changing and so, we are always “a work in progress,” but it’s often difficult to remember that from God’s perspective, we are whole, complete, perfect, loved, loving, and deserving of love, and I agree, each day is a gift.


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