Surgery Postponed…

I’m sitting once again in the clinic at Duke, waiting for the Medical Oncologist.  My discussion with him will determine the extent of mastectomy and possibility or not of reconstruction (it is always possible, but I do not wish to impede my health any further, and having an implant in my ‘good’ breast has it’s risks too).

On the surface, everyone (almost) has the same reaction…of course reconstruction…but once you understand the procedures, risks, and lifetime investment, it doesn’t seem as appealing and necessary anymore.  The recovery period is longer.  There is substantial pain and more drain tubes, and silicon (and saline) implants do not last forever…if you are lucky, they last about 10 years, then you either have to have them replaced or removed.  To make sure they have not leaked, you go for MRIs every 2 years (the 1st is 3 years post surgery).

Sure I would prefer to have breasts, but my life will not be incomplete without them either…on the contrary, I will have more freedom because less time at doctor’s offices, surgeries, and potential problems, to say nothing of trying to be active and worrying about ruptures.

Lots of factors (I’ll post to let you know what they are soon) to consider.

Surgery was canceled because this changed in structure – a new date has not yet been assigned.

Once this happens, I’ll be on the other side of this wild ride through a forest of barbed trees, admiring the blue sky, listening to the birds, and returning to the love around me.  We usually move so fast, we sometimes  forget the important things and people.

Yes, this is a huge bummer.  Yes, I wish it weren’t happening, but yes, life goes on, and so will I.  The trick is to make decisions with eyes open.

As soon as I am able, I will begin posting some of the research I’ve done – hopefully, it will help others make their choices too.


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