3 Ring Circus

Coordinating doctor’s schedules to synch up when you live 4.5-5 hours away…that is what this felt like – a 3 ring circus.

But finally, we were able to speak with the right (and very helpful) folks to assist us, and we now see the reconstruction surgeon on Tuesday morning, the Genetic Cancer Counselor (for statistics) Tuesday afternoon, and the Radiation Oncology physician Wednesday morning, concluding with the Oncology surgeon Wednesday mid-day.  Holy cow.

The one thing you learn is that you can’t let anyone else be your ringmaster – you own it.  You are your own best advocate.

All this to get sufficient information and discuss statistics, probabilities, options, risks vs. benefits, and timeframe.

I have my thoughts on the matter from my internet research – now we get to speak with people who live and breathe this.  It is the ‘gray area’ without SOP.  Somehow just knowing you are always at risk for re-developing breast cancer (without a breast!) is a little unnerving… but then again, every woman who walks this earth is automatically at a 12% risk which will increase based on environmental conditions, ingested elements, predisposition, health (prior cancer), weight, breast feeding..and probably other factors. 1 out of 8.  My risk will be higher.

So what do you do about it?  There is no such thing as zero risk… you choose the path, accept the odds, and do what you can to minimize the risk….all while enjoying your life with abandon – for now.

I’ll have more info to share soon.  My gratitude goes out to you all who check in, say prayers, communicate your love & support, and know that as soon as we can, we will find that light at the end of this dark tunnel and come out on the other side.


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  1. Helene Jeanette
    Oct 27, 2011 @ 00:35:23

    I’m here with you always. May our light expel the darkness and so expand the “tunnel” to the cosmos. Seems as if just being a woman is accepting the odds. What’s the best advice I can share? Yours::” all while enjoying your life with abandon.” When I think my cup is too full you show me to look deeper. Who can really see the bottom of a cup unless it is empty?


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