Reflections, lessons, journey, illuminations… all like facets of a prism, offering a new perspective or insight into something we’ve assumed or accepted as truth for a very long time.

It can occur serendipitously , or through meditation, but either way, it challenges us to understand our true self… our selfless non-ego self – to tap into our strength and courage to see things differently.

For me, this came about today on the water in a kayak in Charleston, surrounded by wonderful friends, and chatting with one amazing woman as we paddled, the sun shining and glistening off the water… the elements of  compassion and support providing a foundation for exploration.

And yes, I tested my physical abilities only 6 weeks post bi-lateral mastectomy too…. and I rolled flawlessly… and I did a balance brace on the water….and it felt like home.  And as my friend noted, I had already determined in my mind that I would be able to roll, and she was correct.

But that is not what caught me so much by surprise today, although I was extremely pleased… what came to me was the whole of life – the stepping stones, that bring us to the next.  Sometimes, we believe it is the means to an end… but if we allow, we might learn who we are – our true ‘self’, along the way.

Your ‘self cannot be defined through the work you do – rather the work you do is a reflection or facet of your ‘self’… you resonate with your life expressions because of who you are – It is an extension of who you are –  it does not create your ‘self’.

Now I’m sure to most of you reading this, you’re thinking… yawn… and I don’t blame you.  Here I am following breast cancer talking about ‘self’.

Perhaps I’m tired of researching and talking about breast cancer… and because that has been transformed for the day.

We relive our experiences when we relate them… how much more potent it is for me to recount the epiphany rather than describe how my leg pains due to the Tamoxifen side effects are subsiding (altho replace by back pain today)… I’m finding that the side effects are transient..sometimes days, sometimes one day.. and then forgotten.  But today, looking through the prism and turning the facets to view differently – seeing joy from within …that is truly a reward I want to share with you.


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  1. Helene Jeanette
    Nov 13, 2011 @ 01:31:25

    Be Joy, always Joy, and be Who you are!


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