Healing & Scars

No, this is not me…. but I thought a good image of the mastectomy scar when the nipple is removed.  In my case, I was “fortunate” to have a skin sparing and nipple sparing mastectomy… but there is a scar that runs from the side to the nipple.  And thats only the visible scars… we amazon warriors bear others through this process that are well hidden (in most cases!)

The other breast cancer scars healing are the 2 on my right by the top rib cage and 3 on the left by the top rib cage from the drains (oh, and of course the surgical biopsy scar itself, as well as the sentinel node biopsy under my left arm….  so combine this with my colles fx scar on the left wrist (and stainless hardware) and the craniotomy (and titanium hardware), some bunion surgery scars, a chain ring scar on my right inner thigh, and an endometriosis scar bikini line, and I ‘m pretty much covered head to toe…but I wear them well!

On all these, healing must take place and be given the space and time to do so.  On a physical level, I chatted with a plastic surgeon and other breast cancer survivors about what to use on scars…. they range from vitamin e, cocoa butter, to mederma (and products like them).  Basically, just allowing the scar to have moisture enhances the healing.

And this is the area that IF a recurrence should present itself, it will be.  But it is now time to live and let the rest go.  To that end, humor helps.  So I decided to treat myself to this little t-shirt that says it all!

So here’s to Life!  Wear it with a smile!



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