In case y’all haven’t picked up on the photo, it is a cooked turkey breast.  Yes, I  have a warped sense of humor.  I couldn’t think of a more appropriate photo than to combine the essence of this blog with Thanksgiving in the form of a cooked breast (actually, two).  True, it would have been even more accurate had I been subjected to radiation, but I think it still works!

Thanksgiving – a time to reflect and give thanks to all the love and support that carried me through this harsh journey… to my husband who was endlessly by my side, despite his own lack of sleep… to my dear friends and family, who stayed in contact with me to offer wisdom, love, and to simply show they care…. and to my neighbors, who brought food when we were too tired to cook, and one even made a beautiful pink handmade scarf.

So, now I am past the surgical biopsy, the sentinel node biopsy, the mastectomy, and living day to day on Tamoxifen, the double-edged sword.  I’m coming up on 3 weeks on Tam, and my current side effect is lower back pain – to the point where 15 minutes in a car is difficult.  Other from that,  I am healing well, regaining my strength and my flexibility….lets say whatever I have control over is improving!  I have little control over Tam, but I’m thinking accupuncture may help alleviate the pain….

So, to all my dear dear friends, family and husband, I love you all and give thanks every day, but especially this day, to you.



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  1. Helene Jeanette
    Nov 21, 2011 @ 00:09:48

    You have such a wickedly delightful sense of humor! LOL Anyway, love you too. And this Thanksgiving, I’m grateful that you and your wicked sense of humor continue to not just light the way, but to blast all darkness away with your mirth and joie de vivre! Happy Thanksgiving m’love.!


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