Depressed Immune Systems

The Immune System, our Gladiators, fighting infection.  Post surgery, this is compromised for quite a while apparently…. for as I believed I was getting stronger (heading into cold & flu season), my immune system had a different vision.  The past two days have been difficult, battling flu-like symptoms and strep throat-like symptoms (yes, I will see the doctor later today).  In short, I feel awful.

I had believed that exercise and nourishment would replenish, but I forgot the third part of the equation – time.  Add to that the fact that I am now minus 3 lymph nodes which clear toxic waste and impurities in the blood. (or in the case most types of cancer, spread it throughout the body).  Maybe its a good thing that I am oblivious to all my frailties….but it does continue to surprise me when they occur… the fine line between denial and acceptance.

So besides still trying to fully recover, I now have this to deal with…. Made myself some yummy chicken soup today… not quite like grandma used to make, but still good considering I didn’t have all the ingredients.  With my husband traveling, my wonderful neighbor went to the store to buy the chicken.  Already taking vitamins, I have to believe I pushed myself too hard (now there’s a surprise to no one)… would I do things differently?  Probably not  😉






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