Kayaking Again

Went to my first rolling session post-surgery (only 8.5 weeks ago) and all went well.  My body had no restrictions other than the somewhat chronic lower back pain from the Tamoxifen which did get my to leave the pool a little early..but I still consider it a victory.  (Click on this photo for a somewhat funny/quick&dirty photoshop job).

This week is my post-op checkup with the Surgery Dept and Medical Oncology (Tamoxifen) dept…. then next week, its off to Charleston for kayaking and mountain biking!

I’m so thrilled to achieve my goal – to return to my passions in life with so little time lost in the interim…. but nothing comes easy without hard work, and it was…but gladly….and support of those around me too.

So Happy Holidays to all those in  Charleston at the Holiday Party on the 17th – I’m sorry we won’t see you then, but it won’t be too much longer until we can personally wish you a wonderful 2012…. I know I will be welcoming it in with great pleasure.


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