Our own Reality

I truly believe we create our own Heaven and Hell on earth…  we are in a human body that ages.  We have opportunities to play by the rules or challenge them – there are always associated costs for challenging them.  So to what extent is the question.

Accepting the standard answer is sometimes the prudent thing to do… and sometimes we take calculated risks… risks in participating in cancer trials, or risks to start a new business.

We create realities and alternate realities for ourselves in how we choose to experience and deal with our creations…yes, we create or mis-create in our actions and their consequences.  It is healthy to be creative and take risks.  But when do we cross the line and make an alternate reality our primary reality at the cost of everything else…and why.  Do we sometimes wish to regress to childhood and shed all the burdens and responsibilities and escape?

The mind is an amazing piece of equipment.  I know – It was terrifying to have a brain tumor and surgery…wondering who will you be (if you lived through it) when you awoke.  And the influences of various medications and impacts of surgery… and now, recovering from breast cancer.  When ‘bad things happen’, we look to friends and family for support.  And we grow from it because it challenges our perceptions and understanding.

For myself, and the strong women I know, we prefer to resume our primary reality, putting ‘the worst’ behind us, and resuming our passion for life….kayaking, mountain biking, friends, family…. yes, perhaps it may seem ‘boring’, but it is not when you are engaged in helping others and making the most of your primary reality.  It is, in fact, glorious to have, and while it is fun to fantasize (lottery, etc.), its not real, and its not sustainable because at some point it takes over to the detriment of all aspects of your real life…. like an alcohol addiction or gambler.

I heard of another woman diagnosed with breast cancer.  She travels a path of ‘healing and enlightenment’.  Unfortunately, she has chosen not to live in reality because while her mind may be seeking enlightenment, her body is very much of this world and subject to its rules.  She believes that because of her mind, she does not need to do anything at all to treat her cancer…much like Linda McCartney (although Linda treated hers holistically and died).  The sad part of this news is that outcome will most likely come to this “enlightened woman”.  I applaud the desire to expand one’s consciousness in the path of enlightenment, but she has chosen poorly in believing it will protect her.

I used to exclusively practice Macrobiotics, a way of living and eating within a balanced lifestyle, based on eastern culture.  Food itself is not a cure, eastern methods such as meditation, and yoga are not cures… they are helpful, but not exclusive to western medicine.  Believing that would be fantasy healing – and as much as we want to believe that we have that power, we do not. We can only choose how we experience our challenges and how we allow it to take over our mind and life.

Sometimes our path of least resistance is the hardest emotionally, such as accepting your cancer and accepting chemo and radiation treatments.  Sometimes in life, it seems you just do what needs to be done, and even while going through a crisis, living your reality to it’s fullest.






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