Is it real?

“Is it real, or is it memorex”? In October, it was all about my boobies (well, actually July-October to be exact).. now I’ve been experiencing constant low back pain for months.  The chiropractor saw a mis-alignment and 2 sessions later, I’m still very very sore and in pain.  Stretching, yoga and icing (brrr) is now a part of my life.  With a new kayak coming in a month or two, my thoughts of course go to will I be able to enjoy it!

So “back” to the question – is this real, or is it a side effect of the Tamoxifen causing me muscle and bone ache.  When I look at forums, I view posts like the following:

“I am on my 5th year of taking tamoxifen.  I have had a back ache for over two years.  I have told my oncologist and she says it is soft tissue pain.  I have not had a bone scan, mri or any other type of test, just the regular blood tests every 6 months.  I wouldn’t call it a pain in my back, it just aches, especially if I have been sitting down or laying down for a while.”

…and worse… so, the question is, why does this occur and what can be done?  I’m thinking acupuncture may help…. someone posted a large quantity of omega-3…so maybe fish oil too…..

Any suggestions or thoughts out there??  Please comment.


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  1. msfsw
    Jan 09, 2012 @ 00:17:15

    Thank you to all my friends & family who have responded both here and in private email. Your thoughts and encouragement are priceless. I have been practicing specific yoga poses about 5x/day and today the pain has decreased significantly. Riding in the car is still terrible…it must put my back in a pinched position (and yes, I try to stuff anything behind me!), but I am thrilled that although not where I want to be, I’m heading in the right direction. Advil is still my bedtime pill of choice for now, but there is hope that I’ll be ready to roll my new kayak in a month or so when it arrives! Tomorrow I try a local Pilates class!



  2. Helene Jeanette
    Jan 08, 2012 @ 16:06:50

    Remember how we were comparing toesies? My podiatrist had told me that my entire balance and weight distribution were totally re-aligned on my right because of the bunions and hammertoe problems. Are you using orthopedic inserts? You may want to consider the hip rotation is due to foot rotation.


  3. msfsw
    Jan 08, 2012 @ 13:26:47

    Thank you dear friends – The chiropractor took two x-rays which did confirm that my hip had rotated slightly and my spine curved with it. She worked on getting it back in position. The x-ray did not show any signs of herniated disk. It showed a little compression and osteopina as well. And yes, on my stomach, one leg was slightly shorter than the other.


  4. Judy Roy
    Jan 08, 2012 @ 01:40:09

    Call me I can tell you if it is likely L4 L5 disc
    Cause you will have + heel or toe walk and orthopedic test, and if you cough no pain those are likely not disc issue. Also is one leg alittle
    Shorter than other when you are on your stomach……….


  5. Judy Roy
    Jan 08, 2012 @ 01:30:59

    Post this on CWsisters cause many have
    Been on this for years. Judy


  6. Janie Butcher
    Jan 08, 2012 @ 01:18:38

    The only way you will know for sure whether there is something else going on (like a herniated/bulging disk) is to go to a doctor who will send you for an MRI scan. Typically you would go to an orthopaedic guy or a neurologist.

    I had a herniated/bulging disk 6 or 7 years ago and the symptoms were much like yours–an ache in the lower back, only my bulging disk was pressing on the sciatic nerve, which goes down your leg and makes your whole leg ache too. It got so bad I couldn’t sit at all!

    They told me the only way to diagnose it (or eliminate that as a cause) for sure is with an MRI. The exact symptoms may depend on WHICH disk is bulging.

    The good news is that if it is a bulging disk, it can often be treated with steroids. Not fun, but better than surgery. Mine took two rounds of oral steroids, which got me back on the road again.


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