The Looking Glass

The weather here in western NC has been spectacular, and it prompted a hike into the Pisgah Mountains with a wonderful friend and neighbor the other day. Once we ascended to the summit, the vista presented was looking across to Looking Glass Rock (so called due to the reflective quality of the rock face that appears mirror-like).

It humbles one to travel through these primitive forests and pathways that almost seem long abandoned, but in reality, quite used by the locals and tourists who come to the Asheville area.

As one climbs through networks of steep rooted pathways and rhododendron forests and tunnels (and crosses numerous brooks and streams!), it focuses thought on the beauty of life.  It also reminds me that my body requires much more exercise and recovery post-surgery!

But the one moment that gave pause, is gazing across at Looking Glass Rock.  And then once home again – thinking upon it and reflecting…. always time for reflection.

I’ve been battling with lower back pain since November.  As a result, I’ve begun stretching routines and yoga….something I should have done long ago.  My thoughts shift to my sister, and my hope that she is recovering from her surgery and life’s twists and turns…. and to my friends, with cancer, with knee replacement surgery, with rotate cuff surgery…. so much of the physical world that wishes to snatch our peace away….

I was viewing a website by another BC survivor and she had a wonderful idea.  Also on Tamoxifen, she decided to place a pebble in a cup (from the larger pile for the total 5 years) for every bottle of pills refilled…. I love it….but a handful of pebbles is sort of anti-climatic.  I think I’ll place silver dollars in a cup.  I calculate that if each bottle holds 90 pills, then 5 years worth is 20 bottles.  At two silver dollars per bottle refill, that should give me enough to reward myself with a lovely massage!  Its also a great visual tracking system!

Next week, I celebrate another birthday…and I am so thankful to do so.


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  1. Helene Jeanette
    Jan 29, 2012 @ 20:27:52

    What an incredibly wonderful idea! As wonderful as the bright and loving person who thought it. I love it! And happy birthday my loving sister.


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