The Human Body

An amazing piece of machinery and engineering.  It transports me and brings me to places to expand my experiences and knowledge…. and yet, when some part fails, all consciousness is brought towards the body rather than spiritual well-being.

After 3 months of lower back pain and a few chiropractic visits (and yes, I am planning on going again), I decided to try Acupuncture for relief.  And I did attain relief temporarily. An interesting process – not without some discomfort .. something like 20 needles dotted my body, literally from the top of my head to my ankles…. would I do it again?  Probably not… I’m just not that comfortable with the process, although I do believe it has value.

I believe my problem lies with my facia and hip flexors being so tight it is pulling my hips out of alignment thus causing pain…So with my focus on my body, I have embarked on various stretching exercises carefully.  Kayaking is coming up soon and this body must be ready!



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