Carbon Greenland OC

She has arrived, and she’s a beauty!  My new kayak that I’ve waited so long for was delivered from  Estonia to NY to Charleston, and finally here in NC!   Ivory deck and black carbon hull, she’s stunning.  And best of all, my lower back issues have finally been identified with the help of a wonderful chiropractor in Greenville, S C who taught me about trigger points and massage.  So now I’m almost pain-free after 3 months!!  OMG, what an absolute joy!  This being the case, I hope to take her to the water very soon!

But let me get back to my back – it is amazing that after all these years, we still learn our bodies… what I first thought was a pulled muscle, then overly tight hip flexor muscles, turns out to be glutemus minimus trigger point muscle problems which respond very nicely to massage!  Not that it looks cool to walk around massaging my butt, but at home, easy enough!

Yesterday I had an appointment with a new ob-gyn who did an exam and will  get me in for the endometrial biopsy tomorrow (Friday).  Once we know the test results, and if it is not endometrial cancer, then I go through another test on the following Friday, most likely followed by an appointment for a D&C (dilation & curettage).  If it is cancer.. I don’t even want to think about it yet…. so we won’t!  She believes the highly likely outcome will be polyps and the process I stated above, and thats my mind’s focus.

No way am I looking forward to the biopsy tomorrow… They tell you to take 3 advil prior for pain & cramping… wonderful…. but it will subside at some point – and it isn’t like I haven’t dealt with pain before…. I’d just like a lot less of it!

So today, I simply enjoy the day, and take each as it comes, and look forward to my kayak..sometimes, that’s all you can do.  Lance was wrong when he said” it’s not about the bike”… these ‘toys’ give your mind something positive to focus on and distract us from fear…. and that’s a good thing.


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  1. Judy Roy
    Feb 24, 2012 @ 03:43:01

    Glad the back is better and your new baby
    Has arrived!


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