Another Procedure

By now, you have to be getting exhausted about hearing what my life experiences are!  Well, as far as the medical stuff, me too.

Today we had the saline solution with transvaginal ultrasound.  The procedure took about 10 minutes…not bad… and revealing.  It did indeed identify 2 polyps in my uterine wall.  So now I’m scheduled to have a hysteroscopy on 3/26.  Outpatient, and restrictive afterward…. the hard part?  No water immersion for 2 weeks following (besides the post-cramps, etc.)

So yes, I do feel a lot like Elastic Girl, being stretched in every which way.  Once this is done, there won’t be a single part of my female anatomy that hasn’t been poked, prodded, scooped out, cut, cauterized, stitched…well, you get the idea.

However, BIG relief in that it is not uterine cancer!  The uterine wall is 2mm – perfect except for those 2 polyps.  I think some women opt for manicures and facials… I must have signed off on female treatments somewhere….

So I’m guessing you may be curious – what is a hysteroscopy… well, it is a technique used to look inside the uterus.  A hysteroscope is a then, telescope like device that is placed into the uterus.  It contains a wire that also cauterizes what is this case, the polyp.

BTW – also pausing the Tamoxifen (maybe cause of high blood pressure) while taking a BP med…  I’ll probably resume Tamoxifen following the procedure sometime on advice of a Medical Oncologist…

But… I really (in the words of Cyndie Lauper) just want to have fun!



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