See Saw

Life…health.. I think the see saw is the perfect visual for the ups and downs.

After this wonderful news about not needing Tamoxifen, but just being on high blood pressure meds, my gums became puffy and developed triangular pockets, bleeding when flossed.

This has been happening for a week, and today, I have to assume it is the rare side effect of the Lisinopril…either directly, or indirectly in lowering a white blood cell count and making me more vulnerable to infection.

The infection is what scares me… with silicone implants, an infection could become systemic and focal and bring me back to surgery once again.  So, I went to the local Urgent Care clinic ( being sunday)…of course they were closed.  Ended up at a local ER hospital who gave me antibiotics.  Tomorrow I hope to see my PCP to review the antibiotics, blood pressure meds (which I’ve skipped tonight), and get a blood test to check the white blood cell count and coagulation.

We hope to return to Charleston on Wednesday if at all possible.

It seems too much to ask for some peace and boredom from medical issues ….  maybe thats the deal … learning to live with it.


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