Wuz SUP?

Making the most of  LIFE post-Breast Cancer – I signed up for an ACA new discipline (already have my L3 Instructor certification and ACA Traditional Endorsement).  It was time for Stand Up Paddleboarding.

Only on a board for 2 hours prior, I was a rank beginner when it came to skills, so lots of learning!  FUN is the name of the game.  Three intensive days of training and assessment – at the conclusion, I came away certified at Level 1 (only 2 Levels!) which I felt was quite an accomplishment due to my teaching skills and  great instructors.

I took the ICW from the Charleston County Park with Josh Hall, Roger Shumann, and Charlie MacArthur..all highly talented and skilled paddlers and instructors.  The group (8 students) was excellent for the most part, although there is always one person who proclaims to know it all and one person who steps on others to attain their own goals.  Unfortunately, these folks usually succeed so it is reinforcement of this behavior.

That aside, as I was paddling against 20-25knot winds, it dawned on me that here I was, on an SUP, and less than one year post-mastectomy and breast cancer.  How amazing was that!  And to top it off, I earned (and yes, I did work for it!) certification to teach at the L1 level.  Best of all, I was invited to shadow and co-instruct at their entry level classes….and I will!

So with sore body and still on an adreneline high, I prepare for my hysteroscopy on Thursday, a week from today.  We teach at REI and then Diamond Brand (Saturday & Sunday respectively), and now catching up on all the requests and stuff to do that waited while I was immersed in water and new skills.

Isn’t life, with all its road bumps, full of opportunity?


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  1. Leni Jeanette
    Apr 26, 2012 @ 15:31:58

    Isn’t it all opportunity? We just don’t see the bumps and the opportunity until we’re past them! Reminds me of biking- can let the obstacle stop you, can walk over it, jump over it, roll over it….ever notice how many ways there are to move past something rather than being stopped by it? And yes, you are AMAZING! I’m so proud of you!!!


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