Rolling along

   Yes!  Back on the water and rolling my kayak!  Healing well and starting to resume where I left off last July.  Its been a long road, but now I’m on the other side and so glad it is behind me.

Things will not stay ‘perfect’…they rarely do.  But for now, I will seize every opportunity I can to enjoy my life and help others as much as possible.

The road was a bit bumpy, but it has smoothed out…and so, when we are able, we simply roll along!



B9….Truly, next to “I love you”, one of the very best words in the english language. Benign.

Yes, the pathology report came back and the polyps were all benign….. not ‘atypical’ like my brain tumor or pre-cancerous like the breast tissue…finally, benign!  So healing and once healed, it ends here… no more surgeries and tests.

How happy am I?  Lets say there isn’t much that can detract!   Woo-hoo!!

I would love to be peaceful regardless, but I’m just not that evolved… I’ll take my little victories happily after all the prior trials and tribulations in my life.  Time for joyous celebration!


It seems we, as people, are always healing… physically, emotionally, spiritually….always healing.  And I think that is a good thing.  True, unlike a starfish, we cannot regenerate body parts, but we heal our scars and move on, conquering next steps and creating new opportunities which to explore.

The hysteroscopy went well (post-op side effects aside) and healing is happening.  I have limitations to prevent infection and signs that healing is not yet complete, but I’m doing well.  I have not heard the biopsy results from the lab yet, but do not expect it to be earth shattering news …. not that it couldn’t happen… I just don’t think it will.  At least it is how I heal… allowing my mind to focus on enjoying life rather than in a state of perpetual fret…or try to…quiet mind is a challenge sometimes.

I’m not permitted to swim, submerge in a tub, and risk falling off a SUP board for a while… but hopefully tonight I’ll jump back in my kayak for a sunset paddle.  Mountain biking during the week helps mental healing (the voracious mosquitos however add a new element of physical scarring!)

Sending warm thoughts of healing and love to y’all….




The hysteroscopy is completed.  As with each surgery or procedure, life appears brighter, bigger and more brilliant.  Not that it was as invasive as having a mastectomy….but the risks are still there with general anethesia and perforating organs, and so, we come away with deepened values of appreciation.

They found more polyps than anticipated, but I’m clean now.  Why does my body produce them?  Who knows…. but between the brain tumor, cysts, breast cancer, fibroid tumors and other sub-cutaneous delights, it seems a ‘norm’ for me.

I was surrounded in prayer by friends and lots of positive energy  – and it helped guide the surgery and the outcome I’m sure.

I am armed with a new jar of Advil and Percoset once the drugs wear off…if needed.  Given that Advil was the only drug needed post-mastectomy, I have to believe it won’t be too bad…. and in two weeks, can probably fully resume activities.  In one week, the pathology report will reveal the nature of these polyps.  I’m not giving them a second thought!

The Unexpected Happens

Whether it is internal (cancer, etc.) or external to us, the unexpected happens.  Sometimes it is a wonderful surprise, but more often than not, it is not so wonderful.

I had my pre-op for the hysteroscopy today…all is on track for Thursday… one more surgery, and I pray it goes well.

The photo in this post was the road bike owned by my husband’s son.  For those who heard, he is recovering.  He was hit while on his bike by a car and sustained shattered ankle, compound leg fracture, shattered vertabrae (he is still using the body board) and skin grafting.  Six weeks now, and the pain is reducing but present, and so much more healing and P/T to go.  His life will never be the same.  He’s brave and courageous – and thats a choice we have…how we accept things and move on.  I know so many wonderful people who have had cancer or other serious issues… and they still smile, laugh, love, and go on.

And that’s what happens…. an event changes the way we are or see things forever.  I’d like to believe it opens us up to be more receptive and appreciate our lives.  It can…..

For those who have not undergone a life-changing event – consider yourselves fortunate and take a moment to see the world thru the eyes of those who have.  How truly wonderful if you are able to grow from seeing what is around you.

I’m so tired of surgeries, and yet, my life presents one more stepping stone.  New people, new events, new experiences.  That afternoon post-surgery, we will revel in what life has to offer and look to the future, together.

Thank you to all my friends and family who are with me in spirit and prayer.  A special thanks to my husband, who has been my steadfast partner through good times and difficult times.

I think that’s what humankind is here to do – support each other with kindness… at least it is how I choose to see the world.



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