The Unexpected Happens

Whether it is internal (cancer, etc.) or external to us, the unexpected happens.  Sometimes it is a wonderful surprise, but more often than not, it is not so wonderful.

I had my pre-op for the hysteroscopy today…all is on track for Thursday… one more surgery, and I pray it goes well.

The photo in this post was the road bike owned by my husband’s son.  For those who heard, he is recovering.  He was hit while on his bike by a car and sustained shattered ankle, compound leg fracture, shattered vertabrae (he is still using the body board) and skin grafting.  Six weeks now, and the pain is reducing but present, and so much more healing and P/T to go.  His life will never be the same.  He’s brave and courageous – and thats a choice we have…how we accept things and move on.  I know so many wonderful people who have had cancer or other serious issues… and they still smile, laugh, love, and go on.

And that’s what happens…. an event changes the way we are or see things forever.  I’d like to believe it opens us up to be more receptive and appreciate our lives.  It can…..

For those who have not undergone a life-changing event – consider yourselves fortunate and take a moment to see the world thru the eyes of those who have.  How truly wonderful if you are able to grow from seeing what is around you.

I’m so tired of surgeries, and yet, my life presents one more stepping stone.  New people, new events, new experiences.  That afternoon post-surgery, we will revel in what life has to offer and look to the future, together.

Thank you to all my friends and family who are with me in spirit and prayer.  A special thanks to my husband, who has been my steadfast partner through good times and difficult times.

I think that’s what humankind is here to do – support each other with kindness… at least it is how I choose to see the world.




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