The hysteroscopy is completed.  As with each surgery or procedure, life appears brighter, bigger and more brilliant.  Not that it was as invasive as having a mastectomy….but the risks are still there with general anethesia and perforating organs, and so, we come away with deepened values of appreciation.

They found more polyps than anticipated, but I’m clean now.  Why does my body produce them?  Who knows…. but between the brain tumor, cysts, breast cancer, fibroid tumors and other sub-cutaneous delights, it seems a ‘norm’ for me.

I was surrounded in prayer by friends and lots of positive energy  – and it helped guide the surgery and the outcome I’m sure.

I am armed with a new jar of Advil and Percoset once the drugs wear off…if needed.  Given that Advil was the only drug needed post-mastectomy, I have to believe it won’t be too bad…. and in two weeks, can probably fully resume activities.  In one week, the pathology report will reveal the nature of these polyps.  I’m not giving them a second thought!


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