It seems we, as people, are always healing… physically, emotionally, spiritually….always healing.  And I think that is a good thing.  True, unlike a starfish, we cannot regenerate body parts, but we heal our scars and move on, conquering next steps and creating new opportunities which to explore.

The hysteroscopy went well (post-op side effects aside) and healing is happening.  I have limitations to prevent infection and signs that healing is not yet complete, but I’m doing well.  I have not heard the biopsy results from the lab yet, but do not expect it to be earth shattering news …. not that it couldn’t happen… I just don’t think it will.  At least it is how I heal… allowing my mind to focus on enjoying life rather than in a state of perpetual fret…or try to…quiet mind is a challenge sometimes.

I’m not permitted to swim, submerge in a tub, and risk falling off a SUP board for a while… but hopefully tonight I’ll jump back in my kayak for a sunset paddle.  Mountain biking during the week helps mental healing (the voracious mosquitos however add a new element of physical scarring!)

Sending warm thoughts of healing and love to y’all….




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