Why can’t we just all get along?


Finally healing, although I think I caused a rotator cuff injury while stretching my back that was hurting!  (back fine now..shoulder isn’t).

But we do still get out kayaking and playing with the dolphins….. our new beautiful residence in Charleston is part of a community with an HOA.  Someone on our block decided they didn’t like periodic cars (friends) coming down ‘their’ street with kayaks on the top, so they contacted the HOA and we now have a violation of ‘commercial use’…

Excuse me?  Because we have a couple of kayaks and gear and some of our friends do as well, we are all of a sudden accused of commercial activity of selling kayaks and equipment at our premises…. huh?  So that means if a neighbor has a couple of dogs and a friend visits who either comes with their dog or leaves with a dog, they can be accused of violating policy by running commercial activity in running a kennel or breeding/selling dogs?  This makes no sense….

Since when are we guilty before proven innocent?  Now we cannot get someone from the Management community to respond!

Well, I guess that person who reported the ‘violation’ will have to deal… and we’ll continue to kayak and have friends over… its just a shame that some people have to create issues when there are none… and leave others to clean up their mess.  After fighting breast cancer, this is just an annoyance in the grand scale of things.  It may not be Einsteins principle of Relativity, but it is all relative….

And I am here, enjoying life!



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