Life is a balancing act

Last year was a low bar…. 9 months traveling back and forth between Duke Hospital in Raleigh and our home in western NC.

This year, after a shaky start, I get to play.  And having my sister come play and learn a balance brace in a kayak …well, I just can’t stop talking about it!(yes, that is a picture of her in my Vital 166)

Of course interwoven with the fun is other ‘stuff’…. my back was a problem, and so I resorted to an extreme stretch… the back actually recovered, but I think I either tore a rotator cuff or deltoid muscle….after 1.5 months of no change, time to get medical consultation.

That said, I’m addicted to catching up on all I’ve missed in playtime.  Today we went out kayak surfing with friends… another glorious day surfing with the dolphins.  One must have gotten too close to a motor boat…we named him Snipper.

A new location for us… we surfed at the Breach Inlet on Sullivan’s Island (between Sullivans Is. & IOP)  just perfect waves to play with.   After we got back and washed our gear, I opened my rescue towbelt and re-discovered the unique shell my sister had found that I carefully stowed…except there was a stow-away in it!  Not near salt water, I drove him back to the nearest launch area so he wouldn’t suffer and die…  imagine, in that wet towbelt overnight and immersed in the water with me today as I wore it around my waist, but confined…. I guess even the smallest of us can hold on and be tenacious until we are in balance once again.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Shari
    Jul 06, 2012 @ 18:31:22

    I feel like I was there! Get that rotator cuff or deltoid repaired so that either I can come down and play, or you come up to play in Maine!


  2. Leni Jeanette
    Jul 04, 2012 @ 23:34:32

    Words will never express my gratitude for those five days. And doing a balance brace, well, that was just so so sweet! Couldn’t have done it without you and yours but more importantly, I returned home with a quiet place in my heart and yes, I’ve drawn on the feelings and images of being out in the kayak with you, walking on the shore with waves coming in, hearing the concerned squeals of the birds, afraid we’d walk to close to their nests, seeing dolphins (did I mention seeing dolphins??? WOW) , finding treasures of sand dollars and curious shells, and close hugs of treasured time shared with you. I’m glad you were able to return the little critter home. I hear they don’t purr or wag a tail so probably not a good pet.


  3. Judy Roy
    Jul 04, 2012 @ 20:37:04

    Sounds like a great summer! Hope we can violate with you some time. Glad over all you are feeling better.


  4. Betty
    Jul 04, 2012 @ 20:33:45

    Beautifully put…….and deeply understood! We’re leaving Saturday with boats in tow for 3-weeks in Maine. Have a good summer and we’ll look forward to seeing you in Charleston sometime in the fall.


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