Life is interesting, if nothing else…… just when you think you think you’re stable, something happens to remind you how fragile you are.

In my case, I’ve developed dizziness whenever I’m in a prone position and roll to one side or the other… makes getting out of bed a whole lot of fun with the room spinning!

Likely causes?  Dunno…could be inner ear, heart, parkinsons, brain tumor (what, again!?) and who knows what other possibilities… sigh…. I’ve had this for almost a week now and it doesn’t show signs of abating.  I had this before starting my meds for high blood pressure, so it isn’t med related… ya know, getting old gracefully is challenging!

Interesting, I can roll my kayak without a problem, but going into a balance brace laying on the water….not so good a feeling.

I’d love for life to just let me be well so I can enjoy it more fully, but apparently, medical issues aren’t done with me yet.



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  1. Leni Jeanette
    Jul 16, 2012 @ 16:10:54

    strange this is that I’ve sporadically experience vertigo or dizziness diving. Happened yesterday again. Fortunately, I was shallow and we had already done our dives, we were just descending for an extra since we had so much air left and I was experiencing equalization issues. Hopefully it’s a simple inner ear thing for us both!


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