Maybe not for women who are currently going through aggressive breast cancer treatment, but perhaps for their daughters, the treatment will not need to be as terrible.  On the horizon is a study from England:

“It is hoped that in future generations the quarter of breast cancer sufferers with the least aggressive tumors could immediately be precluded from treatments like chemotherapy which have ravaging side effects.

Prof Carlos Caldas, who led the study, said: “We are over-treating a significant number of women. We are not doing that because we are evil, we over-treat them because we just cannot precisely define the ones who are going to benefit.

“If we could identify sub groups where they have such good outcomes that we could spare them treatments instead of adding more and more toxic treatments, that would have enormous value for women.”

Studying how each tumor type reacts to different therapies could also help drug companies develop new treatments which could target particular strains more accurately and effectively, he added.

Almost 50,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year in Britain, with more than 10,000 deaths attributed to the disease annually.”

That’s good news.  Better news is that it can be prevented!

I’m doing well…. most days I forget that at this time last year, I was going through the mental an physical agony of invasive tests prior to the mastectomy.  And then I look back in awe…. and thanks.  It was a year ago the first weekend of July that DCIS appeared on my mammography (which I no longer need to have since I no longer have breast tissue).  In August, I started the attempt for the stereotactic biopsy which failed, leading to the surgical biopsy with wire localization… in October, the mastectomy itself…. sigh….. its been a long road and one I’m happy to look back on now, and then look forward to where I want to go… without breast cancer.


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