One Year!

Has it really been almost one year?  Life has had its struggles, but it pales to what it looked like a year ago.  Each month since July, I mark where I was at this time…. July: diagnosis.  August: Biopsy; Sept: Lymph node biopsy; Oct: mastectomy…

So we are coming up to October once again.  In memory of those women who fight this battle and who will fight this battle (one out of eight) until we can put an end to this epidemic, I am doing something about it.

This year…my first year as a breast cancer survivor, I am hosting a fund raising event for my favorite organization, Breast Cancer Action.

With the help of Sea Kayak Carolina, we will hopefully have a huge turnout for support.  Here’s the info:


Join us Sunday, October 7th for a 2-3 hour calm water paddle through pristine salt marshes, observing abundant wildlife, while raising awareness and funds to support the fight against breast cancer.  This trip is suitable for new paddlers.  Guided by Fern, an ACA Certified Instructor who is a breast cancer survivor herself.

Please call Sea Kayak Carolina at 843-225-7969 to make your reservation — a $10 donation is suggested. Each participate will receive a kayak-related item as a thank you for your participation and donation. Proceeds will be donated to Breast Cancer Action — working to end breast cancer. You may donate more than $10 if you so desire!

Kayak rentals are available for anyone needing kayak equipment at an additional $30.  Come out to help make your voice heard and show your support!   Bring friends and family! An appropriate life jacket properly zipped/fastened must be worn on the water.

Paddle in the name of a friend or loved one. Names will be called during the event to honor them.
Email us your personal stories and photos, to be submitted and shared with others on our website once you have registered.

Even if you cannot be there to join the paddle…please consider donating $10 to this very worthy cause.

And, please be careful of all the upcoming “Pinkwashing” you will see for this October… to help, please read the attached 2012-Think-Before-You-Pink-Toolkit from

To your health!



Each day, a new day… unfolding the elements of life.  Sometimes quite wonderful, and sometimes, not altogether to our liking.

For a few months now, I’ve had the feeling of something scratchy in my right eye.  Thankfully, it abates when I go to sleep… but it is with me far too much.

Saw an eye doc and trying drops….next step is cortisone drops… hopefully, it will ‘heal’.  Age brings with it greater awareness to the body, because it does not age gracefully in most cases… and so bringing yourself back to mindfulness outside the body becomes necessary…yoga, or tai chi or whatever allows us to regain sense of self.

We do have the capacity to be quite creative…and that is good and bad… we have the capacity to get ourselves agitated and stressed more often than not.  But sometimes, if we cannot break ourselves free of our own stress elements, it is best to walk away from the source, if possible.  Life is funny like that – we will be given another opportunity.

In the meantime, here’s lookin at you kid.



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