Each day, a new day… unfolding the elements of life.  Sometimes quite wonderful, and sometimes, not altogether to our liking.

For a few months now, I’ve had the feeling of something scratchy in my right eye.  Thankfully, it abates when I go to sleep… but it is with me far too much.

Saw an eye doc and trying drops….next step is cortisone drops… hopefully, it will ‘heal’.  Age brings with it greater awareness to the body, because it does not age gracefully in most cases… and so bringing yourself back to mindfulness outside the body becomes necessary…yoga, or tai chi or whatever allows us to regain sense of self.

We do have the capacity to be quite creative…and that is good and bad… we have the capacity to get ourselves agitated and stressed more often than not.  But sometimes, if we cannot break ourselves free of our own stress elements, it is best to walk away from the source, if possible.  Life is funny like that – we will be given another opportunity.

In the meantime, here’s lookin at you kid.




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