Blue Blood in a Red State

I try to make this blog reflect health issues, and in some way with this ugly campain for presidency, it does.  Losing ‘ObamaCare’ would be terrible for the economy and for the other 99% of us.

So here we are, located in SC… a drop of blue blood in a pure red state.  We will vote, but haven’t a wing or a prayer of turning the red tide in this state… but I pray intelligence and reason will reign with the so called ‘swing’ states and the people.  ‘Mittens’ is a chamelion, and I cannot even begin to think what 4 years of a 1%-er will do to set women’s rights back decades, if not centuries.

I don’t intend for this to be a political platform, but Planned Parenthood who helps women with mammographies (funding eliminated under Romney) and abortion unless it is ‘legitimate rape’ will have a dire toll on health…both preventitive and the infirmed.

Prayers are with my friends who are at the poverty level and all levels, in need of affordable health care.


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