a new year ahead


2013 is just ahead of us… but so is every day before and after the new year.  We make ourselves promises – sometimes we keep them.

So let’s promise ourselves not to make promises, but just to fulfill our dreams.  It may take the 80/20 rule to make it happen…you know, the one where it says 80% of the work is done upfront (like planning) to reap the 20%, but our future is our greatest investment and achievement.

I was thinking about the ‘cure breast cancer’ stuff that permeates our society… lots of well-meaning organizations that have turned into big businesses, and businesses that profit from breast cancer existence.

It really isn’t so much about curing anything, the cure is the prevention of cancer (not just breast cancer), and for that, the fundamental basis returns to what we have done as a technologically developed nation to make our lives (and capitalism) easier.  We have polluted the environment, developed synthetics, pesticides, and basically taken the elements of what used to be healthy and converted them to contaminated.

This is really my reaction to the latest article on the dangerous levels of arsenic (yes, arsenic) found in brown rice now.  We have polluted and contaminated the earth to the point that we are poisoning ourselves… to say nothing of the ozone and air quality.

I hope someday, we can turn this around and stop hurting ourselves.

To all my friends and readers, I wish you and your family much love and joy in the new year, and above all else, health.




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