Maturity vs. Old Age

close_up_of_eye Like a local health food store that offers a discount to seniors called a ‘wisdom discount’ (vs ‘old age discount’), I have entered the realm of aging, accellerated by medical treatments of steroids and radiation from the brain tumor in 2001.

My eye exam today revealed the early onset of cataracts…ten years prior to the average population.

I can’t say I’m welcoming this news, but in reality, my life and activities won’t change much, and that’s the good news!  Not like the brain tumor or breast cancer….and while you won’t hear me utter ‘bring it on’,  I’m “mature” enough’ to recognize that it too, is part of my path.

And, best of all, I can still say….”See you on the water” to my all my kayak friends out there.



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