iodine IODINE

We are a very fragile eco-system….more fragile that we know.  Our body chemistry is a delicate balance and imbalance causing dis-ease.

During a routine physical exam, my cholesterol level was checked and reported back very high.  Never in my life has that been an issue for me….let’s see….5’3″ 108lbs…. active, non-smoker, even watch what I eat.

However, about a year ago I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure and eliminated all salts from my diet and went on medication.  Over-reaction by eliminating all salt!  Iodized salt in moderation is what our body needs.

So what is the possible outcomes of an iodine deficiency?  Well, it raises cholesterol for one… may be a factor in breast cancer for two…. can cause dry eyes, and in an extreme, goiters (hypothyroidism).

Without having numbers to work with and any testing, I’ve changed my diet over the past 5 weeks to add more water-soluable foods and sea vegetables to my diet.  I will get retested for cholesterol in about a week…. maybe it won’t help, but maybe it will.  At a minimum, I’ve done my eco-system some good by giving it what it needed anyway.

We are walking the tightrope as we age, western medicine is hardly a safety net.  As always, be your own advocate.


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