Why is the ‘cure’ a drug?

molehilllComing to us from San Antonio Texas,  this story:

“Women at high risk of developing breast cancer because of family history or bad genes have a new option to help prevent the disease.

A study of 4,000 women found that a daily hormone-blocking pill cut the risk of developing breast cancer by more than half after five years of use.

The drug is anastrozole (uh-NASS’-truh-zole), sold as Arimidex (uh-RIM’-uh-dex) and in generic form. It can cause hot flashes, joint pain and other side effects, but these were nearly as common among women given dummy pills and are often due to menopause and aging.

Results were reported Thursday at a cancer conference in San Antonio”

Is this a surprise?  Not terribly.  My fear in this is much like vitamin crazes or drugs that the pharmaceutical companies profit by… marketing something that alters your body genetically always always has repercussions….    In this case, the fear is that women will buy and consume this drug and years later discover that it has a harmful ‘side effect’ – in essence, trying to ‘fix’ something and break something else in the body.

Before we chase after drugs, let’s identify the why is cancer among us and how do we eliminate it!


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