Are we past ‘aware’?

Founder and spokesperson of the Center for Transparency Bobbie Shay Lee, a survivor herself after 22 surgeries, makes a good argument.  Aren’t we past ‘awareness’ and lost our way to our goal?  What does all the pink and events signify and where does all that money go?

“Where Does the ‘Pink’ Money Go?

These corporations and organizations, padded with millions in charitable gifts, have lost sight of their role — and for many, their mission. They are not providing critical therapies breast cancer patients need to survive. Nor do they provide basic needs, like food and transportation, for those who are fighting cancer and are unable to work.

You never hear of a single organization that helps in covering funeral costs (a last attempt to give those who succumb to this horrific disease the dignity they deserve). I suppose they will brag about the dollars committed to research, so tell me more about the research findings? Surely the billions of dollars committed over the past three decades has resulted in some groundbreaking advances?

Pink Is Fine, but Something Has to Change

I have been a “survivor” for almost two decades, since being diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 25. Throughout my evolution, which began during my time as an NFL cheerleader, I have became a voice for those who needed one. I defied the odds to become a mother, and forever became part of the sisterhood breast cancer brings into your life. In each phase of this journey, I am grateful for the struggles — as well as broke from 22 surgeries — but empowered to change how we fight this battle.


Know Someone With Breast Cancer? Help Them Directly

Creating change won’t be easy, but let’s make a vow this month to be activists, not pacifists. Participate in every event you feel deserves your contribution. Ask questions before you make a donation. Check the merchandise label to see exactly how much of your purchase is donated to the cause and mission of the organization receiving funds.

Directly support those around you who are affected by breast cancer! Find a way to make your investment count! Give someone a ride to therapy. Buy groceries for that single mom going through treatment. We decide how and what our campaign for compassion should be. It’s time we start making it count!”.



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  1. Helene
    Oct 26, 2014 @ 15:50:04

    very powerful post!


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