Ah kayaking…. here I am above in a Tahe Marine greenland doing a balance brace without a paddle.

In the years leading to this, I worked in corporate america…mostly for IBM doing their ibm.com website with a great group of other talented people.  So here in S.C., I help other small businesses who suffer with this economy, by buildingtheir websites and assisting with marketing concepts and execution.

My husband and I play – we mountain bike, we road bike, we kayak. I’ve been a gym rat for as long as I can remember…. I love to garden and go on hikes.

We help others – we play – we cultivate a ‘leave no trace’ philosophy.

Some times I am happy,

sometimes I am pensive and sad,

But, I AM.  and right now, that keeps me strong, along with the love of my husband, family, and friends.


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