Hospitals offer Tai Chi and Qi Qong to their cancer patients. I’ve once practiced Tai Chi… so I’m thinking Tai Chi and QiQong – energy work, might be helpful in maintaining energy flow.

I’ve also done Yoga and meditation – both of which may also be helpful in establishing peace of mind and balance.

My twin instructs Qi Qong and has offered to show me some movements.  My life is changing, and new patterns, possibly to be used in conjunction with sports in the future, are filtering through my consciousness.  We must give ourselves new elements to keep us motivated and positive.  Bernie Siegal espoused laughter as the best medicine.  Combining proactive elements when we feel our lives are out of control with laughter and friends sounds like a good approach to me….


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  1. Janie Butcher
    Sep 12, 2011 @ 15:28:42

    Your sister has left such profound and wise comments under “Breathe” that I must comment elsewhere.

    “Mind-Body” and “Breathe” are so intertwined. Who could deny that even simple breathing exercises can immediately impact our physical selves–lowering blood pressure and heart rate. Clearly we can influence, though not control, our physical well-being through some of the methods you have described.

    You are utilizing all the resources available… medical expertise, prayer, and positive energies. You will come out the other side of this, stronger.
    Peace and love.


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