I couldn’t resist sharing these quotes from others on Breast Cancer forums.. you can’t help but laugh!

So my dear friends, enjoy these, never be afraid to call and chat about this journey, your thoughts and fears, offer help, caring and love, and know that there are others out there just simply not as well equipped to be sensitive, so you may very well balance out a bad day!

  • From a 19 year old aquaintance
    “so, are you cured?” “let me give you a hug in case I never see you again”
    I laughed my head off it was so inappropriate.
  • From a girlfriend (who was having issues with her boyfriend):
    ‘sometimes i wish i had what you have, at least YOUR problem can be cut out’!
  • “Oh, my poor dear, have you picked out a casket?”
  • My personal best is the person who said the following when I told her I had zero stage breast cancer: “Yes, but you know what happens next, zero turns into one and then two and three and then four and then you die.” For real – she said that.
  • I was talking to three friends just after my diagnosis. After some discussion, I said, “I just want to acknowledge that for a little while, this is going to suck.” One friend, who admits to having few “bad things” happen to her in life and who is often at a loss at how to respond to scary stuff, said, “Well, I knew a woman who got breast cancer; she went in for a mastectomy and came out beaming. She said it was the best thing to happen in her life!” I let the silence stretch between us for a moment and then said, “I just want to acknowledge that I’m going to learn a lot of great insights about myself on this journey and I’ll come out of it transformed and also, for a while, it’s going to suck.” That kind of ended the conversation.
  • My daughter’s friend’s mother (used to be ‘friend’ of mine)asked my daughter if I was still alive. She looked at the woman and said, “yes, and thanks for helping out and calling her when she sick, I know she really appreciated that.” The woman said stupidly, ‘oh, I never called’ so my dear daughter said, ‘oh, I must have had you confused with her real friends.’

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