Exercise and Healing

I won’t tell you what to do,  but for me, exercise is so important to restore health and energy.

As soon as I was able, I returned to the treadmill and light weight lifting exercises,..granted, a very smaller scale than I previously did, but its a start.

My range of motion was severely limited due to scar tissue post SNB, so my theory was, whatever position I moved that arm that hurt, that was the position I would do repetition stretches to tear the scar tissue and regain mobility…. painful?  yes.   but I have a goal.

These included leaning against a wall and walking my arm all the way up until the stretch was attained, lying a bench with a 4lb medicine ball in both hands and raising it over my head and then behind my head, stretching from the side, some yoga positions, and more.

I read that if you gently massage the lymph gland area, you stimulate them and therefore must also drink more water to assist them.  So, during the stretches, I would gently massage the area to help release the tissue.  Following that action, I consumed some water to faithfully help my body.

It seems to be working, because the swelling at site of incision is reducing, as my ROM increases.

Sitting on the coach is not an option if I want to pick up my kayak paddle and roll again!

Here’s a very good Survivor’s Exercise Plan I found – please consult your Dr prior to using.


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