Endometrial Biopsy

If you’ve had silicone breast implants (and probably saline too, but I don’t know…)  you are instructed to take an antibiotic prior to invasive procedures like dental work or the endometrial biopsy. It is highly recommended you also take 3 advil 1 hour prior.

It begins with the doctor swabbing the cervix with iodine for sterilization.  Then the cervix is held open while a thin plastic tube-instrument tunnels through and into the uterus.  The device has suction (like a reverse syringe) and peels away/stores a sample from the endometrial wall.  The feeling I experienced was of something inside me, but not sharp pain.  The entire procedure probably takes 5-10 minutes.

Some women say it feels like menstrual cramps – I didn’t experience that level of discomfort.

The sample is sent to a lab to view the cells and check for signs of endometrial cancer.  That is a remote concern if, like me, you are taking Tamoxifen which has been reported to cause the cancer and/or thicken the uterine wall.


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