Genetic Cancer

Did you know that some cancers can be traced and identified through genetics?  Women who are of Ashkenazi decent (Central and Eastern Europe) are at higher risk.  This risk can be identified through BRCA 1 & BRCA 2 testing.

This is a very simple test which uses your DNA.  You are given a small bottle of mouthwash along with a vial which the sample is deposited (nice word for ‘spit’).  You measure a small cup and swish in your mouth vigorously…. a word of caution here…don’t let your husband or friend who accompanies you to make you laugh at this point… it WILL be deposited elsewhere.

Thats pretty much all there is.  It is sent to a lab and in one to two weeks, you’ll be advised if you are negative or positive.  This is the Jewish package.  For the full spectrum where they analzye more than 3 areas on those two genes, they will do so upon request.

This lets you know if you are at risk for cancer, both breast and ovarian.


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