Wire Localization

There are different methods that could be used with a wire localization.  They are ultrasound, MRI, or mammagraphy.  The type and location of the suspected villain will determine the machinery.

In my case, of course, I had the mammography… more pushing, pulling, stretching, pinching, freakin mammography.  During the procedure, they position you on a chair and push it into the mammography machine…nothing soft and cuddly here… your breast bone is screaming if they do it they same way she did mine.

In order to get towards the rear of the breast, the body ends up being contorted and pretty manipulated, not in a good way.  Mine resulted in black, blue, yellow, and red bruises for 3 weeks.

Anyway, all this fun stuff is to get the breast positioned to then inject lidocaine and insert a wire for each location (2 in my case).  More images, and then, you get your breath back and are sent on your way (upstairs) to the ambulatory surgery center.

The wires are very thin – you don’t feel them at all.  They are pointing and hooked around the suspected villains.


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