Toxic Breast Implants

What?  Its not sufficient to have to go through Breast Cancer and a mastectomy… we now have manufacturers providing toxic implants!  Reprint follows:

Today in scary plastic surgery news: more than 30,000 women have apparently received defective breast implants in the last decade.

And we’re not just talking saline that doesn’t give you the oomph you wanted: the implants are leaking, which can cause ruptures and leak toxic chemicals into the body, and what’s ever scarier, lead to breast cancer.

According to the Guardian, the French company Poly Implant Prosthesis, one of the world’s leading implant providers, was found to be using industrial grade silicone in their implants (yikes!!) instead of a safer fluid that was, you know, medically sterilized and safe.

The unsafe fillers, combined with the fact that many of the implants had inadequate casings, has led to over 2,000 women filing legal complaints over their suspicious surgical enhancements.

The French government says there have been four known cases of cancer in women who’ve had the implants, although they can’t confirm that it was the implants that caused the cancer. Two of those women have died.

Women who’ve had surgery with the implants — the company produces the implants in France, but also in Spain and the UK — are starting to panic, and some are apparently rushing to have theirs removed. French authorities are recommending that women with the suspected implants at least get regularly tested for ruptures.

In other scary breast implant news, a 59-year-old woman in Baltimore reportedly had one of her implants “swallowed” by her body during a Pilates routine.

The FDA has warned in the past that breast implants are not meant to last for life, but for all these women, the problems with their implants are much more severe.


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