Cancer, black and white

chakras_and_meridians_movingA poignant video clip of a breast cancer victim who ultimately lost her fight.  We have to stop chasing the tail but get in front and prevent this from happening, but as long as companies make profit from treatment and pain, the incentive is only Humanitarian.   That should be enough.


Cancer detection from a simple blood test?

blood-drop-and-handsThis has to be the best news I’ve heard all year.  Of course it is still trying to ‘cure’ the disease rather than getting in front of it and preventing it, but so many lives may be saved until we reach that world.

View the video.

Sebastian Maerkl and his team are creating a hand-held machine to test patients for cancer using just a drop of their blood. They say it could break new ground for early detection and treatment.

Wish it were that easy to detect a brain tumor!  My 3rd year of MRI checkup post brain tumor has arrived and once again I need to endure 30 minutes of being in a small little MRI casing with jackhammer like noise pounding around me while they take images.  A necessary evil I suppose.  I shouldn’t really complain though, it started with every 6 months in 2001, and I’ve been so lucky that it’s been clean since.

With any luck, I’ll never have to deal with the big “C” again…and I would be way ok with that.

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